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How does the look of the downtown CORE compare
with the planning document?
 Sequim Downtown Plan: http://www.sequimwa.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/573

This is one of our local mailbox "stands" - in the heart of town.  A plastic
bucket, filled with rocks, and hogtied to the mailbox post.  What a jerry-rigged mess.

The mailboxes, below, are welded to a truck rim. The rim, although strong
and unique, encroaches on the sidewalk.  Americans feel very strongly
about their mailboxes.  They decorate them, make them as unique as possible in
the rural areas, and decorate them with patriotic signs and symbols.  My suggestion is to
have a steel, lockable, box to be shared by three neighbors on each side, thus saving
them the PO Box rental fees, offering more security, along with the side benefit
of clearing the streets of the abominations seen here.

We need some GREEN alleys in Sequim - these shots were taken a few blocks from city center in Sequim
Come on!  Visitors see our alleys too, and these are full of weeds, junk, fire hazards, and contribute nothing
to the environment.  Some local club should take up this as a project.  How about a NEW project for the Chamber of Commerce?
 Do one block at a time, showcase the alley, have an event, broadcast the photos of the before and after, and help other communities GREEN
their alleys.  

L. to Right.  Examples of Green alleys in Detroit, Chicago, Ohio and Vancouver
The asphalt surface is permeable asphalt. All water runs through into ground, not sewers.
[Source: Google Images and those city sites and projects represented.]