The rural nature and scenery of Sequim are what draw people to Sequim. This makes entertainment around the campfire or around the table more of a possibility than raging nightlife that goes on until the early hours of the morning.

One of the more entertaining things to do is to take a trip to the 7 Cedars Casino which is on a reservation. It is a great place to get a meal and chat with friends even for non-gamblers. There are regular events held throughout the week.

There are some nice restaurants including an excellent Thai restaurant. The YMCA often has events in town that are sporting or entertainment-related. Sequim has a few quant festivals for everyone to enjoy including the Annual Irrigation Festival and Sequim Lavender Festival.

The nearby town of Port Townsend has a beach in the summer with plenty of places to relax with friends. it also has movie theatres for a nice change from the outdoors and scenic area. There is also a film and wooden boat festival.

There are many places to hang out with friends and meet visitors in many of the restaurants and bars scattered throughout Sequim. The variety of bars means that there are many opportunities for entertainment in the area. Ask some of the locals to learn more about when events are taking place.

A group of friends will find plenty of things to do in Sequim and the surrounding towns. Enjoy the slow pace and friendliness of the town while going out and about.


Sequim is a small town with most of the shopping available in other parts of Washington. It also has a range of products and gifts that are unique to Sequim.

There are several gift shops with tea, herbs, spices beauty, and cosmetic products that can be found in the gift shops in Sequim. The area grows many flowers and lavender farms in Sequim and their products are also sold in shops all over Sequim.

It is also possible to buy a variety of different items of furniture and craft items at reasonable prices in Sequim.

There are also clothing, jewelry, book, cakes, wine, and grocery stores throughout the town. Most things can be found in town making it a great place to shop with friends and first-time visitors.

Sequim also has a number of larger stores like Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, and many others. This means that tourists from outside of town will not miss any of the big city conveniences during their trip.

Sequim has most of the big town and city conveniences and friendly small town feel which means people can experience the city and rural conveniences.