Things to See

There are many things to see in Sequim, Washington for people of all ages and backgrounds. Many tourists come to the area just to view the sites from their vehicles or on foot. The beauty of nature and the outdoors is one of the biggest reasons to come and enjoy Sequim. There are also many historical sites all over the area. Here are a few of the most interesting and popular sites.

The Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge is near the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The refuge is spread over 772 acres and is filled with wildlife and unique flora and fauna. The refuge area is also known for its number of bird species and bird watchers from all over the world come to view them. It is a good idea to bring some bird-watching gear like binoculars or a camera as the birds are not to be missed. There are also many opportunities for taking photos and film. The Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge provides hours of education for both children and adults.

The Dungeness River Audubon Center is another very large nature area with beautiful animals and species of plants. It also has many educational opportunities. People can do tours in the area and there are regular camps held throughout the year.

The Pioneer Memorial Park is a large outdoor area that is another jewel of natural beauty in Sequim. The park has beautiful shrubs, trees, and perennials for tree lovers to enjoy. The Garry oak trees are a popular choice for observers.

Historical sites can also be viewed in Sequim, Washington. The New Dungeness Lighthouse is one of the most well-known attractions and was originally constructed to provide safe passage for those traveling through the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The lighthouse is still manned and is worth a look even from the car window.

The Dungeness Schoolhouse is another historical site dating back to 1892. It is two stories high and a beautiful part of the Dungeness River. The site has many items of furniture and other pieces from the past. It is also another way to learn more about the schooling of the past and can be viewed by appointment.

Sequim’s Museum and Arts Center has many different things to view such as local historical artifacts and art exhibitions. It includes fossils that are more than 10,000 years and the S’Klallam Longhouse with native artifacts. The area is a fusion of art, history, and the present which is also interesting and another great way to learn as well as be entertained.

The Olympic Game Farm is a great way to experience wildlife all from a vehicle. The farm has over 200 animals and can be experienced at leisure and in comfort. Sightseeing buffalos, bears, yaks, and llamas are all part of the experience. Some of the animals have even managed to make their way onto the big screen and may be recognizable to some viewers. There are very few places where you can have a safari experience and see so many different animals. The Olympic Game Farm delivers something special.

Things to do

There are many things to do throughout Sequim, Washington, and the major attractions are related to the outdoors, nature, sport, and history.

The outdoor environment makes Sequim an ideal place for people wanting to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, running, swimming, and beach fun. Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, Olympic National Park, and Robin Hill Farm County Park are some of the most popular places for outdoor activities. Sequim Bay State Park is another place popular for walks and boating.

Photograph and film opportunities are endless in Sequim. The beaches, bays, heavily vegetated places with wildlife and bird species allow many photographic or filming opportunities. The bird species alone, offer endless hours of photographs and filming. The diverse landscapes make Sequim an ideal and scenic place to visit.

There are many tours of the refuge and wilderness areas. Places to relax are also numerous and retreats are another feature of Sequim. Camping and RVing is another popular pastime in this area.

The Dungeness River Audubon Center is another very large nature area and has many educational opportunities. People can even do a tour or book a camp which is held frequently throughout the year. They also offer many programs like watercolor painting, drawing, art, photography, and other classes that can be taken at the center.

Some other ways to enjoy Sequim, Washington include a visit to Jardin Du Soleil and Purple Haze Organic Lavender Farm. Both farms have a wonderful array of flowers and lavender products.

There are three golf courses in Sequim, making this part of the world an excellent choice for a golfing getaway. Playing at the picturesque course is very pleasurable even if individual golf games still need plenty of work. There is plenty of accommodation and relaxing places to stay near the beach or water after a hard day of golfing.

A wonderful way to spend some time in Sequim is to do some beachcombing with the children. The seashells and marine life are a great educational opportunity and help everyone to relax and enjoy the scenery.

People who enjoy more physical activities can do some windsurfing or sea kayaking with guides or instructors. More experienced people can go and enjoy the peace of solo sports or just the scenery in general.

Other things to do in Sequim

There are many spaces to relax and enjoy some solitary or serious downtime in Sequim. One of the most enjoyable ways to experience Sequim is by booking a quiet retreat in the refuge or wilderness areas. Paying for a place is easy through online booking websites.

Farms and cottages can be equally relaxing places to spend a few nights away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Bed and breakfasts are another accommodation option without the large hotel chain feel.

There are plenty of places to walk and enjoy the view such as Dungeness Spit which is another great place to experience bird species and wildlife. People often report seeing otters and seals while walking on the Dungeness Spit.

Saltwater and freshwater fishing or crabbing opportunities are a great way to enjoy the area. Many species of fish and crabs are difficult to find in other areas of the States. Sequim makes an ideal destination for fishing and crabbing groups to visit.

Picking berries is another way to enjoy Sequim. Some of the farms allow visitors to make their selections of strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Summer attracts many people who can take a basket home with them. Everyone loves berries so children enjoy picking berries with the family.

Sequim also has a 120-mile cycling route leading from Port Townsend to Port Angeles. It is a very scenic way to enjoy some cycling while passing the seas, forests, and meadows with beautiful flowers during certain times of the year. Seeing birdlife and animals is also a part of the cycling experience on the long trail. Groups of cyclists should consider Sequim for its cycling and other recreational activities.


The beauty and natural environment attract many tourists to Sequim and as a result, there are many permanent and seasonal jobs in tourism or related industries. Tour guides, camp staff, hotel and restaurant staff are just a few seasonal jobs available in the area.

There are also jobs in retail, education, health, and government but some of these jobs require more qualifications and study than seasonal jobs. More skilled jobs do come up frequently but it requires patience and some waiting to gain part-time or full-time employment in these industries.

Some citizens seek employment in the nearby towns of Port Angeles and Port Townsend. Port Angeles has a large population and therefore more job opportunities.

Online jobs can be done from any place in the world and Sequim is a wonderful place to work from home as there are beautiful places to relax and enjoy recreational and leisure opportunities. There are also cafes in the area so online workers can do their work from cafes and enjoy a break from home.

With some creativity and collective thinking, it is possible to enjoy the lifestyle of Sequim while enjoying gainful employment in the community or from home.


The early industries in Sequim were farming, dairy farming, and logging. The remnants of these industries still remain and are mostly for tourist purposes.

Tourism-related industries are some of the biggest employers in Sequim. Tourism arises from the natural beauty and various places to enjoy the town’s outdoor lifestyle. A large number of tourists means that retail and accommodation are other important industries that support tourists in the town.

Sequim has a large number of retirees in the area which means that health is a major industry. The education sector is also prominent in Sequim. This is evident by the number of schools in the town.

Sales office and administrative is another important employment generator which helps to support the economy.

The small size of Sequim means that some industries are not sustainable in the area due to economies of scale. However, some niche industries related to tourism or the outdoors can not be found in the larger cities of Washington.

The town is in the unique position of retaining some industries which have historical significance to the town such as farming which has slowly developed a more touristic outlook to adapt to the changing times.


The rural nature and scenery of Sequim are what draw people to Sequim. This makes entertainment around the campfire or around the table more of a possibility than raging nightlife that goes on until the early hours of the morning.

One of the more entertaining things to do is to take a trip to the 7 Cedars Casino which is on a reservation. It is a great place to get a meal and chat with friends even for non-gamblers. There are regular events held throughout the week.

There are some nice restaurants including an excellent Thai restaurant. The YMCA often has events in town that are sporting or entertainment-related. Sequim has a few quant festivals for everyone to enjoy including the Annual Irrigation Festival and Sequim Lavender Festival.

The nearby town of Port Townsend has a beach in the summer with plenty of places to relax with friends. it also has movie theatres for a nice change from the outdoors and scenic area. There is also a film and wooden boat festival.

There are many places to hang out with friends and meet visitors in many of the restaurants and bars scattered throughout Sequim. The variety of bars means that there are many opportunities for entertainment in the area. Ask some of the locals to learn more about when events are taking place.

A group of friends will find plenty of things to do in Sequim and the surrounding towns. Enjoy the slow pace and friendliness of the town while going out and about.


Sequim is a small town with most of the shopping available in other parts of Washington. It also has a range of products and gifts that are unique to Sequim.

There are several gift shops with tea, herbs, spices beauty, and cosmetic products that can be found in the gift shops in Sequim. The area grows many flowers and lavender farms in Sequim and their products are also sold in shops all over Sequim.

It is also possible to buy a variety of different items of furniture and craft items at reasonable prices in Sequim.

There are also clothing, jewelry, book, cakes, wine, and grocery stores throughout the town. Most things can be found in town making it a great place to shop with friends and first-time visitors.

Sequim also has a number of larger stores like Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, and many others. This means that tourists from outside of town will not miss any of the big city conveniences during their trip.

Sequim has most of the big town and city conveniences and friendly small town feel which means people can experience the city and rural conveniences.